Insurance Defense

For 20+ years, I have focused my practice on personal injury and wrongful death matters. Many lawyers either market themselves as "defense lawyers" or "injury lawyers." There is almost always a very defined line expressing the attorney's position on whether he/she is on the "good team" or the "bad team." I find that type of attorney marketing distasteful. It suggests that the quality of the counsel is a function of the parties he/she represents. That is absurd. The caliber of counsel is a product of innate skill, great training and zealous advocacy.

The most effective trial lawyers are the ones who understand the case from both sides of the aisle. In my 20+ years of practice I have handled several hundred insurance defense cases and at least as many personal injury claimants' cases. I was trained at the National Institute of Trial Advocacy. This broad based experience and training allows me to effectively represent insured defendants. I understand the perspective of both the claimant and the defendant. I know where to look for weaknesses in a claimant's liability theory. I know how to investigate and critically evaluate the merits of a damage claim. I have tried the same types of cases from both perspectives.

I have represented the insureds of carriers including:

  • AAA MidAtlantic
  • Allstate
  • American States
  • Atlantic States
  • Crawford Company
  • Farmers
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Lloyds of London, and
  • Safeco.

I have defended cases ranging from auto, truck and equipment liability, to dram shop (liquor) liability, to products liability to premises/landowner liability to labor and employment liability.

To be an effective advocate/trial lawyer, the attorney must be knowledgeable in the law and aggressive in his investigation and pursuit of the facts. No attorney will ever out-work me. "Perspective and Objectivity" distinguish me from my peers. By continuing to represent both insured defendants and claimants, and having done so throughout my career, I view cases from both perspectives. I have tried many cases from both sides. This perspective makes me uniquely suited to aggressively investigate and, if necessary, try any case, any time, any place, if the facts so warrant.